MSP Website Wizard API

How it Works

SiteSpot allows magic link integrations to allow their customers to create and manage their website from their own RMM/PSA dashboard in one click.

All you need to do is create a link with the specified URL parameters defined. Your customers can click the link from their dashboard to have their own MSP website configured in seconds.

Any parameters excluded will be requested in a website wizard after clicking on the link.

After creating their website, users can

  • Update their branding
  • Change the content with the intuitive page builder and branded design elements.
  • Add unlimited pages and posts
  • Set up further integrations.
  • After upgrading, you can
    • Use your own domain
    • Schedule 1-on-1 pro support
    • Export your website (Its WordPress)


<a href="{buildSiteURL}">Build a custom MSP website in 20 seconds.</a>

Your buildSiteURL should look something like this...{partner}/?n={businessname}&l={logourl}&i={iconURL}&e={email}&p={phone}&a={address}&sa={serviceArea}&sd={rmmURL}&k={loginKey}

URL Parameters

NOTE: Make sure you URL encode all your values, especially image URL's.

{partner}: Your partner code.

Contact us to obtain your partner code.

n: Business Name

Your business name

l: Logo

Logo URL (svg, png, jpeg)

Transparent or white background recommended

i: Logo icon

Square Icon URL (png, jpeg)

Icon for favicons

Dimensions: 500px x 500px

e:  Email

Main email address. e.g.

p: Phone number

Main phone number

a: Address

Office address or postal address

sa: Service area

Where are your customers physically located? e.g. "Vancouver", "Oregon", "Tri State Area", "Australia" , "Worldwide"

sd: RMM domain


k: Login key

An imposibble to guess key that allows direct access to your website. Can be a custom generated key or an existing private key in your RMM.

e.g. k=7OoV2yue2yamuVpNlNunJKgv6ZcIJEcccjvcNRbHN5ZEtNpHRWFeF5XdloG5XDUfW7NFk0U96gATN3XMeiKE1vE6l8bNQc1rkPX


The login key

The login key in combination with your RMM domain gives you direct access to your website.

Do not place your website key anywhere publicly accessible. Only display the link in a password protected area to users who have a valid account with your service, such as their account dashboard.

Conversion Tracking

By including your partner code, we will track when your references have:

  1. Clicked the link
  2. Completed sign up
  3. Updated their website
  4. Upgraded to a paid plan
  5. Changed or cancelled plan

You can view and export your referral report.